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Gravity Elevators is one of the largest independent suppliers as well as service providers in modernization, maintenance and installation of lifts. Designed by a team of seasoned and dedicated engineers with rich experience and know-how of International Safety, Gravity Elevators caters to reliable services and satisfactory response to all clients for their escalators needs. Our various ranges of escalators are designed with new appearance and striking graceful lines, rounded features and sophisticated styling.

Our gamut of escalator is suitable for serving the needs of modern world business centers, malls, railway stations, airports, commercial buildings and other places. You can avail our escalators in varying capacities and speeds and most significantly, they can be customized as per the specification from our clients.

Manual Door Elevators

Gravity Elevators gladly offers its clients the most contemporary range of Manual Door Elevators. Out of our various range of products these Manual Door Elevators have low installation cost and low space requirements in comparison to other products. These products are specifically meant for private buildings where lift usage is infrequent as compared to other buildings. We supply these manual door lifts with various swing doors from floor to floor to suit the decor.

The ceilings of these elevators are exclusively offered in multiple colors such as acrylic Milky-white acrylic with fan grill and given mirror stainless steel finish. In addition to that, the elevators are integrated with round down fluorescent tube and spot light. The lifts are integrated with mirror at the backside and both side panels.

Glass / Panoramic Elevators

Our exclusive ranges of Glass/ Panoramic Elevators significantly meet the requirement of lifts installation on the exterior face of the building or in the lobby. Their sophisticated designs and modern technology enhance the beauty of the building. These are being offered at highly competitive prices and they can be customized as per the client’s requirements. Gravity Elevators has assortment of different designed Glass/Panoramic Elevators like bottom lit granite flooring, bell shaped roofs and cabin exteriors.

These elevators can be applied in various usages like residential apartments, hotels, banks and similar applications, where the ease of use by individuals is important. These ranges of products are available in different color schemes. Moreover it is also available with variable voltage, uneven frequency drive systems so as to enable perfect leveling and less energy consumption.

MRL Passenger Elevators

Gravity Elevators offers sophisticated range of MRL Passenger Elevators with superior functionality. The product has many salient features including minimum brake down calls, shorter waiting time and downtime. These elevators are available with standard and optional accessories such as passenger cabins, car / landing operating panels, doors & interiors, ceilings, flooring and hand rails. These elevators also feature safe operation and low energy consumption.

Completely equipped with the features like higher speed, smooth travel with perfect leveling and high energy efficiency, our products are strong, sturdily built which make them a unique and superior elevators to sustain passenger load. We cater to various offices like private or government, industries, MNC's, hotels, malls, apartments and colleges.

Bed Elevators

Gravity Elevators is one of the most leading suppliers and assemblers of Bed Elevators. Our complete ranges of sophisticated Bed Elevators are widely appreciated by our clients because of their superb maintenance services. Our exclusive ranges of Bed Elevators are completely based on the industrial standards combined with sophisticated designs and robust construction. With customization facility, the products can be availed at highly competitive prices.

Our Bed Elevators adopt advanced inverter control technology and lowest noise module that make the elevator runs stably, which can let the doctors and patients arrive the destination unconsciously. Furthermore, these elevators with their commendable spacious accommodation represent the spirit of healing the wounded and rescuing the dying in rapid speed.

Car Elevators

Gravity Elevators has successfully been catering to various car elevators demand to automobile manufacturing units for years. These elevators are integrated with voice announcing system and have round fan grill and square fan grill. Made from sheer qualitative steel sheets, aluminum sheets, brass, alloys, rubber and copper our elevators are compatible with latest elevators demand. Our car elevators are equipped with geared hydraulic chains (not unlike bicycle chains) which generate lift for platform.

To accommodate building designs and improve accessibility, the platform may rotate so that the driver always drives forward instead of in reverse. Our car elevators are widely complimented for their immense loading capability, longer life span and service with minimum maintenance cost.